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Frozen Soccer Chapter 2 :iconghost-hunter157:Ghost-Hunter157 3 10
UtaPri Tokiya by Ghost-Hunter157 UtaPri Tokiya :iconghost-hunter157:Ghost-Hunter157 1 0
Trade: Nerima x Tokyo
"How long has it been since we meet?" A young lady was sitting next to Tokyo wearing a beautiful white dress but it wasn't a wedding dress. Her hair was in curls matching the small flower on her sash of the dress. Gleams of light from the moon began to show the sparkle in her eyes.
There you see her sitting there across the way.
She don't got a lot to say but there's something about her.
And you don't know why but you're dying to try.
You wanna kiss the girl.

She remained in her seat looking in the opposite direction as Tokyo. The two were invited to a dinner party from France but the couple haven't seen each other for a few weeks from all the buissness trips Tokyo had to encounter. "Nerima, my love." His cheeks started to turn pink as the wind slightly blew into Nerima's beautiful hair.
Yes, you want her. Look at her you know you do.
It's possible she wants you too there's one way to ask her.
You don't say a word, not a single word
:iconghost-hunter157:Ghost-Hunter157 3 5
Frozen Soccer Chapter 1
A complete year has already past since the day she has arrived to a new home. Everything was different but still felt like she belonged there. The more she stayed the more of her real self started to be discovered. She never wanted to leave her new family but it was the only way to protect them from her unpredictable power. She was no longer Hoshizora. It was time to move on from the past and let it go, Natsuni Miyuki.
-The Gloves-
Why? Why is this happening to me? "Etto, Miyuki-chan?" Everything i touch is falling apart. My life... "Natsuni-senpai!!!" The underclassmen kept on shaking the confused teen out of her deep thoughts. Her eyes looked around the area to take a moment to remember where she was. Above her was one of her closest friends there, Kaki Aiko. "Oh Aiko." Kaki noticed how lonely her eyes were. "Daijobou? You haven't been yourself lately." Miyuki was sitting on the outside of the soccer field crouched down, holding her knees. "What are you talking about? I'm perfec
:iconghost-hunter157:Ghost-Hunter157 5 17
Serious Manabe by Ghost-Hunter157 Serious Manabe :iconghost-hunter157:Ghost-Hunter157 3 4
SSC Returns Part 3
"We're sorry, Takuto, but we got ambushed." Alexis told him. Shindou was still facing down not saying a word. A little person flew to one of the girls. "Isn't there anything we can do?" Zephry asked. Cassy nodded, "There is but we don't know how to time travel." Tsurugi and Himawari quickly spoke out, "Convergence!" Most of Raimon looked at them in confusion. "Convention?" Caddy asked while tilting her head. A little sweat came down from Magix Raimon's head. "They haven't been part of Magix for long." Himawari mentioned to Tsurugi.
 He nodded, "Convergence is when multiple magical beings combine their powers to be able to pull off the most difficult spell." The sailor scouts looked at each other then back at Tsurugi. "I think Emma mentioned something like that yesterday." Mikky said. Taiyou had his fingers on his chin for a bit then to a fist and softly hit his other hand. "Perhaps she knew the ambush was going to happen."
"How? How can this be?" I kept on thinking abo
:iconghost-hunter157:Ghost-Hunter157 2 0
Com: Fubuki x Suishou
"Ever since the day we met all I wanted to be was his but never really had the guts to tell him how i felt." Suishou always thought about this whenever she would be able to see the one she loves. It had been three years since Inazuma Japan and now her feeling for the Ice Striker have grown stronger.
"A love letter?" Emma asked. "Hai. It says to go to the roof top after school." Emma looked at the clock and smiled. "Looks like luck is on your side today." The clock read ten minutes were left of class as Suishou started to blush, "B-But what if it's a prank?" Emma sighed while handing her a pocket mirror. "What's this for?" Suishou asked. "You know what i see?" Suishou nodded, "My reflection?" Emma sighed, "No. I see a very beautiful girl who would never be pranked by any guy in this school." Suishou smiled, "Arigatou, Kinomoto-chan."
The final bell rang as Suishou quickly took her things and ran out of the classroom. Emma giggled as she looked out of the room, "She'll be surprised on wh
:iconghost-hunter157:Ghost-Hunter157 1 2
IEGO Galaxy: Resistance Japan Crusin for a Brusin
"Hakuryuu! Tsurugi had kicked the flying soccer back to the owner as they both landed back on the ground. He put his foot on the ball to prevent anymore damage, "It's been a while, Tsurugi." He showed his face along with the rest of his team mates and their coach. All of them were from team's Raimon played against during Holy Road. "Not only Hakuryuu but also Minamisawa-san and Yukimura." Tenma added.
"What are you guys doing here?" Shindou demanded. "Isn't it obvious? We're here to play soccer." Namikawa said. Their coach stepped in front, "We're here for our practice match with Inazuma Japan. I'm their coach Fudou Akio." Tetsukado felt a strange vibe from Tsurugi and Resistance Japan's captain. "They're scared." Konoha mumbled. Kusaka gazed at the small defender. "I can tell."
Matatagi came up to them, "You want more than just a practice match." Hakuryuu chuckled, "A smart one you are." Fudou came between the two, "But it wasn't our idea at first." Senguji turned to the entrance
:iconghost-hunter157:Ghost-Hunter157 1 1
Happy late Birthday Layne! by Ghost-Hunter157 Happy late Birthday Layne! :iconghost-hunter157:Ghost-Hunter157 4 14
Mature content
Trade: Terra x Ibuki :iconghost-hunter157:Ghost-Hunter157 4 5
New Fairy Tail OC by Ghost-Hunter157 New Fairy Tail OC :iconghost-hunter157:Ghost-Hunter157 4 3 Miyuki's Here to Help :D by Ghost-Hunter157 Miyuki's Here to Help :D :iconghost-hunter157:Ghost-Hunter157 4 25
Previously on....
-Author's Note-
It has been over a year since you last read their journey. It never truly came to an end and now you get to find out what is going to happen next on the ultimate (<--- make it more dramatic x3 ) maybe even musical, cross-over anime ever! Don't remember where we left off or even remember the story well...
-Previously on Magix Unite-
It was just a normal day for otaku Emma. She had been having trouble at school but all that was going to change when a certain anime someone paid her a visit. Endou Mamoru from Inazuma Eleven GO came to her classroom requesting for help in the anime world. She had to make a choice; stay IRL and deal with all the teasing from the class or go live in an anime. Emma knew what she had to do and went to Inazuma Eleven GO with Endou.
In the anime world Emma changes her name to Hoshizora Miyuki and attends Raimon Jr. High as a second year. She soon joins their soccer club and finds her DA friends OCs there, including hers. Where she also meets th
:iconghost-hunter157:Ghost-Hunter157 3 25
Bored so drew Miyuki :3 by Ghost-Hunter157 Bored so drew Miyuki :3 :iconghost-hunter157:Ghost-Hunter157 6 6 Kiriban for XxFlipxX by Ghost-Hunter157 Kiriban for XxFlipxX :iconghost-hunter157:Ghost-Hunter157 2 3 Me and my New Haircut :D by Ghost-Hunter157 Me and my New Haircut :D :iconghost-hunter157:Ghost-Hunter157 3 53
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Heeeeeey guys. Good News! I'm not dead xD and i haven't been on in a loooooong time because of my school grades, damn chemistry -.-, I had decided not to be on until i improved and it's been tough since I got a new chemistry teacher in January. ^^; But over the months i haven't been on i've had some ideas on new stories to write so expect some more new and some that will be continued. Also i will most likely continue on Magix Unite so stay tuned for it ^.^ Once Summer starts i'll be able to be back on DA and better than ever!!!! I just won't be avle the first week cuz i'll be in Florida with my school's band in Disney!!! :la: After that I'll be back online :) Also thanks for all the birthday wishes from everybody and i really missed you all over the time i was gone. Now's the time to catch up with you all and write more stories :D Bye bye :)
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